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2006 GMC 2500HD w/2001 Lance 845

Previous years' travels: 2006 2007 2008  2009
2010 2011 2012(Alaska) 2013 2014 2015 2016           

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                 (plus BC/AB/YT in Canada)

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 I bought my new truck and used camper in late October of 2005.  The following May, I "hit the road" full-time for 6 months.  I've done the same every year since, and now 2017 will be my 12th year of ramblin'!  My how time flies.  Not all of my nights are spent camping, but most are.  I don't make entries that are repeats of previous campgrounds or when I stay with my kids or friends.  Campsite fees are for one night with no discount (and no hookups, unless specified). However, being the old geezer that I am, I get 50% off at U.S. Guvmint CGs with the valuable Golden Age card, plus free entry to National Parks.. One of the few ways (in addition to retirement) it pays to get older.  All the aches and pains sure aren't fun. :)

I started my travels this year with around 108K miles on my camper and 162K miles on my truck.  I took my camper to the Lance factory before my 2014 travels and had some structural repairs done to it (pics here and here).  It should be in good shape for several more years of travel.  Of course, my old body will probably wear out before the camper. :)

Note: Click on small photos for a larger one.  Click on the USA flag-map () to see the actual camp location (balloon marker) on a map (+/- 50 ft). 


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Campsite & Other Photos (click links)




Back on the road for Ramblin' 2017.  Ride shotgun with me via this site.  You can check out last year's ramblin' here.

Visiting mode is over, so I'm on the way to Montana!!  ETA late August.

Feel free to contact me via email or my guest book. Thanks for following my ramblin'.





Lost Lake CG (USFS).  33 mi SE of Detroit, OR via OR22 and US20.  3900 ft.  

Meadow View #1
Meadow View #2
Lake View
See A Frog?
See A Goose?
Hole In The Lake
Does It Run?
Even Number

Primitive CG with 14 dirt sites on level land.  Sites split between near the entrance and at the end of a 3/4 mi dead end road.  All sites have a nice view of a pretty meadow and the "lost" lake (low now according to people I talked to).  Most sites are in tall trees for some shade.  Very busy US20 nearby produces a steady hum during daylight hours.  Sites at end of road, where I am, are the farthest away from it (about 3/4 mi).  Vault toilet.  $8.

I liked it here so much, and because it was the weekend, I stayed 2 nights.  Had a beautiful view of the meadow.  Saw some interesting nature sights:
- Hawks circling the meadow and diving down to snag a meal
- Flock of large geese feeding
- Hundreds of tiny, less than one inch, baby frogs hopping around the lake.  Hard to not step on one (oops, sorry little feller).
- A "hole in the lake" where water is pouring in (see pic).  Read here about it.?



Southshore CG (USFS).  From Detroit, OR go about 3 mi SE on OR22, then about 4.5 mi on paved, zigzag Blowout Rd.  1700 ft.  

Site Lake View
My Backyard
Within CG
Lake View #1
Lake View #2

30+ sites (a few tent only)  in a beautiful setting.  All but tent-only sites are paved.  Tall spruce/fir trees and a wide variety of other vegetation, inlcuding ferns, create lots of shade.  Add to that the beautiful Detroit Lake alongside the CG and  it's really nice.  Several sites have a good view of the lake, but access is difficult to impossible due to a steep bank.  Easier to get in at the boat launch ramp.  Even though OR22 is almost a mile across the lake, you'll still hear a bit of hum from it.  Vault toilets.  $20.

This CG just went on reservation service this year.  I got a really nice site, but it was reserved starting the next day.  Host said all sites booked for the weekend.  That was also true for the other 3 FS CGs nearby on the lake.

After traveling up the CA/OR coast for over a week, I got a hankering for warmer weather.  Headed inland for it.  Hope it doesn't turn to "too hot". :)



Devils Lake RV Park.  At N end of Lincoln City, OR just inland of US101.  100 ft.  

Within CG
Nearby Devils Lake
Waiting For Food?
Cape Perpetua #1
Cape Perpetua #2
On The Way Here
From The Cockpit

Nice place with about 80 paved sites with full hookups, on sloping ground.  Flush toilets/sinks/showers/laundromat. Rec room also.  Nice office people.  $43.

Passed 2 nearby state parks that had FULL sign up.  Decided to bite the bullet (and the credit card) and use an RV park.  Lucked out as they only had one space left.  It was a gravel overflow site behind the office.  Worked out fine, as it was nice and private and I wasn't crammed between 2 big  rigs.  :)



Alder Dunes CG (USFS).  7+ mi N of Florence, OR on US101, then W on access road.  100 ft.  

Within CG
After Leaving CG #1
After Leaving CG #2

Nice CG with 37 paved sites in 2 loops.  One loop appears to be the reservation loop, while the other is first come.  Sites typically sloped a bit, so RVs might need leveling blocks. Excellent site privacy due to low growing bushes. Alongside US101, so trucks are noticeable.  Didn't know there was a small lake near my site until I peered through the bushes. Surprised I hardly saw any skeeters from it. Vault toilets.  $24.



Eel Creek CG (USFS).  About 11 mi S of Reedsport, OR on US101, then 1/4 mi W on access road.  Watch for CG sign on US101.  50 ft.  

Within CG
Climbed This ..
..To See This
Sand Dunes Elsewhere
Coos Bay Bridge

Very nice CG with 52 paved sites on level land in 2 loops.  Excellent site privacy due to low growing Oregon "green stuff".  Lots of shade, too. Sand dunes just a short walk from CG.  US101 nearby, but you'll  only hear the trucks a bit.  Like new restroom bldg with flush toilets and sinks. Host said place hardly ever fills.  $22.

Very few other sites occupied.  Liked it so much I stayed a 2nd night.  Host warned me about thieves driving through CG late at night trying car doors to see if they are open and (naturally) stealing what they want.



Huntley Park CG (County).  7 mi E of Gold Beach, OR on Jerry's Flat (aka South Bank) Rd.  50 ft.  

CG River
Need A Rock?
Within CG
[below from 2014]
Rogue River Bridge
Oregon Coast #1
Oregon Coast #2 

70 grass sites on level land, alongside the wide Rogue River.  Some sites tent only  Shade varies from heavy "grove of trees" type to nil.  The river view sites (where I am) have the least. You must cross a gravel bar of about 100 yards to get to the water.  Flush toilets and showers.  Nice and quiet here at night.  Good deal at $12.

Was here in 2014 at same price.



Miller Bar CG (USFS).  From US101 in Brookings, OR, take North Bank Chetco River Rd NE for 10.5 mi to Miller Bar Rd, then down the narrow, curvy, steep hill for 1/2 mile to the CG.  150 ft.  

Other Campers #1
Other Campers #2
CG River
Fun In The Water #1
Fun In The Water #2
Crescent City Vew

Was expecting a typical FS CG, but found a dispersed camping area, wiith no designated sites, on a gravel bar by the pretty Chetco River. Campers are strung out along the river farther than I can see.  I stayed at the base of the road leading here in order not to get stuck in the sand/gravel nearer the river (no 4WD).  Lots of people in the water swimming or boating.  Vault toilet at base of access road and porta-potties elsewhere.  Neat place! $10.

Reminds me of my childhood in Arkansas being on the gravel bar of a  river. :)  

Several large trailers along the river.  Would hate to drive one on the very steep access road and encounter someone coming the other way!



Florence Keller Park CG (County).  About 4 mi NE of Crescent City, CA on US101, then W on Elk Valley Crossroad.  Follow signs from there (sign for park entrance kind of hidden)..  150 ft.  

Within CG
My Backyard
Big Old Stump
Crescent City Beach
Surfer Dude
Oh No, Not Again!!
On The Way Here

Nice CG with 50 paved sites on level land, although some sites sloped considerably. In a beautiful, dense Redwood forest, so plenty of shade.  Some gigantic stumps around.  Several walking trails.  Just off of US101, but the trees do a good job of decreasing the noise.  Flush toilets (restroom interior a bit messy).  A real deal at $15!

Much road construction on US101.  Have had to stop for 1 lane traffic multiple times the last 3 days. Glad I'm not in a rush. :)



Elk Country RV Resort CG.  About 48 mi S of Crescent City, CA on US101.  50 ft.  

Within CG
Elk Warning
Little Red School House
Miles To ????
On The Way Here

100+ grass/dirt RV sites with full hookups.  Also many tent sites, some with electric.  About 40 RV sites are in the woods (didn't check them out).  The rest are in a large meadow.  CG slongside US101, but at the back of the meadow (where I was) it wasn't that loud.  Wild elk come into the CG some parts of  the year (office said they had just left). Flush toilets/showers/sinks/laundry.  $37 (w/hookups).

Stopped at 2 state/county CGs that were full. Later saw this one and decided to stop.  Glad I did.  Got nice site in the back of the meadow with no one real close to me.



Standish-Hickey State Park CG about 90 miles S of Eureka, CA off US101.  700 ft.  

Off to Montana now.  Constant camping for the next 6 weeks!

Within CG
River Camping Area
Eel River

Very nice CG with about 160 dirt sites (some sloped a bit).  Three CG sections on 2 levels; two by US101 (where I am) and the other "down the steep hill" by the Eel River.  Loaded with tall trees, including Redwoods, that provide a lot of shade. Noise from busy US101 noticeable from upper level sites, but less so at night.  Flush toilets, showers and sinks.  $30 ($40 by the river).

Was here in 2007, by the river, for $20.



Because I changed my original route to Montana, I passed near my 2 kids N of San Francisco.  Decided I'd better do some more visiting with them.  :)





Mt. Madonna CG (County).  About 9 mi W of Gilroy, CA on CA154, then 1 mi NE on Pole Line Rd.  1600 ft.

My Backyard
Mighty Tall Trees
Within CG

Beautiful 3000+ acre park with 117 paved sites in tall Redwood trees.  30 of these sites have water and electricity for RVs.   Yurts are also avaiable.  Four well separated CG sections on hilly land.  20 miles of hiking/equestrian trails among the trees.  Some skeeters, but they were slow and I could swat them.  Flush toilets.  $34.

A bit warmer here than I expected when I arrived. Thought that by going towards the ocean 10 miles from 95F Gilroy, it would be significantly cooler. Still 90F at my campsite.  Had a nice shady backyard, though, so it wasn't bad.  Really nice CG.  Would like to visit it again.



San Lorenzo CG (County).  In King City, CA.  290 ft.

Within CG
My Backyard

Part of a large county park.  Amost 100 sites, close together, on level land.  In 3 concentric loops.  A mix of paved and grass sites.  Most sites have water & electric (25 have sewer, also). Many sites have significant shade, due to large leafy trees. About 1/2 mile away from busy US101, but noise level low.  Flush toilets, showers & laundry. Agriculture museum in the park, along with much old farm equipment spread around the grounds. $32 (w/o hoolups).

Third time here.  Expected it to be about 95F when I arrived about 5 p.m., but it was a very pleasant 85F with a nice breeze.



Aliso Park CG (USFS).  2-1/2 mi W of  New Cuyama, CA on CA166, then 6+ mi S on paved (and somewhat narrow at times) Aliso Canyon Rd.  2800 ft.  

Within CG
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2
On The Way Out #1
On The Way Out #2
Fog Bank Ahead

Primitive CG with about 10 unmarked dirt sites on level ground.  Look for a picnic table.  In a tall grove of leafy trees.  One of the shadiest CGs I've been in. Vault toilet.  Very peaceful at night.  $0 (Adventure Pass Required).

It was 95F when I arrived about 4:30.  Hooray for the shade!  That and a slight breeze made it tolerable.  Down to 75F at 9 p.m. and a low of 65F.  Talked to a nice young gal who was also there.  ND school teacher on a summer trip tent camping around the West.

Never seen a vault toilet in a FS CG this bad.  A few sacks of trash inside and the toilet was filled with something (trash or ????).  Glad I had my toilet.



Wheeler Gorge CG (USFS).  About 8 mi N of Ojai, CA on curvy hwy 33.  1800 ft.  

2nd Site
CG Vegetation
CG Creek
Within CG 

70 paved sites, sometimes close together.  Most well shaded by large leafy trees, including live oaks.  In a narrow canyon, so late sunrise and early sunset.  CG is alongside hwy, but minimal traffic.  Small creek runs though CG.  Vault toilets.  Fifth time here.  $25.

Arrived about 5 p.m. on Friday.  Sign said "Campground Full".  Talked to host and she said a couple of spots available.  I got one.  Yay!  Later decided to stay a 3rd night.  Very helpful hostess told me a nice spot had just come open for one night.  I like it!

I had planned to go to MT via AZ and NM this year.  But too dern hot there (90F-115F), so I decided to take a cooler route.



Visiting with my kids and friends.





Robinson Creek CG (USFS).  9 mi SW of Bridgeport, CA on Twin Lakes Rd.  7000 ft. 

Area Scenery #1
Area Scenery #2
Area Scenery #3
Bodie Ghost Town #1
Bodie Ghost Town #2
From The Cockpit

Very popular CG with 54 paved sites in tall pines on level land.  Shade varies significantly with site. The very nice Robinson Creek wraps around the CG.  Usually good fishing, if they have stocked recently.  Many sites on the creek.  My favorite Sierra CG. Several other CGs nearby.  $23.

Had a great time camping with my daughter and son and family.  This was my 41st straight year to camp in this area.  The campsite I had reserved was closed due to flooding from the very fast running creek.  Host had arranged a good replacement, though.



Buckhorn CG (COE).  On Black Butte Lake.  12 mi W of I5 near Orland, CA on County Rd 200 (aka Newville Rd), then 1 mi S on lake road.  500 ft.

Big Cloudbank
Big Fan
Very Full Lake
Nearby Scenery
On The Way Here

63 paved sites in scattered oak trees in five separate areas.  Minimal shade.  About 25 additional "parking lot" type sites (overflow?) shown on the map.  Lake view from most sites. Flush toilets/sinks/showers.  Free-if-camping dump station. $20.

3rd time here.  Last time, in 2012, lake was very low due to drought.



Potato Patch CG (USFS).  About 44 mi NE of Chico, CA on curvy CA32.  3400 ft.  

Within CG
CG Creek #1
CG Creek #2

Very nice CG on level land with 30 paved sites, many very deep, in 2 loops.  In a beautiful setting of tall trees and bushes..  Usually good site privacy site due to spacing and vegetation.  Fast flowing Deer Creek on one side of the CG and a fairly busy hwy on the other. Creek access difficult, since about 25 ft befow CG level.  Vault toilets.  $14.

Rained just before I got up and on and off til I left, about 11 a.m.



Elam CG (USFS).  About 51 mi NE of Chico, CA on curvy CA32.  4400 ft.  

Within CG
CG Creek #1
CG Creek #2
On The Way Here
Mighty Pretty

11 paved sites, in a canyon, alongside the pretty Deer Creek.  4 sites are beside the creek.  Fairly busy hwy across the creek, but the music from the stream masks it out some.  Vault toilets.  $14.

Got the last site!  Rained some during the night.  Made for a cloudy, cool next day.  Some people were catching fish.  Not warm enough for wimpy me to fish. :)



Domingo Springs CG (USFS).  8+ mi N of Chester, CA on paved Feather River Rd.  5000 ft.  

CG Stream
Spring Across Hwy
Unusual Fence
Nearby Feather River
A Full Lake Almanor

18 dirt sites on level land, in 2 sections.  RVs will need  leveling in some sites.  A small creek running through a meadow separates the sections.  14 sites in the main section (where I am) in a single loop.  In a grove of dense, tall conifer type trees.  On the bend in a paved road, but very little traffic.  Remote, but easily accessible.  Absolue quiet at night.  Vault and pit toilets.  $14.

I'm the only one in the main section.  Yay!  So no one complained when I played my mandolin. :)

Looks like lots of boondocking possibilities on the road to here.



Gurnsey Creek CG (USFS).  15 mi W of Chester, CA on hwy 36.  4800 ft.  

Within CG
CG Meadow
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

Nice CG with 30 paved or dirt sites, well apart, on mostly level land in dense, tall conifer type trees.  Very shady.  Group sites in separate loop.  Right alongside a fairly busy hwy, so some related noise. Handy to S entrance to Lassen National Park. Vault toilets.  $14.

Low of 39F.  Was here in 2011, also.  Same price.



Doran Beach Regional Park CG (County).  In Bodega Bay, CA.  20 ft.  

Within CG
Backdoor View
CG Beach View #1
CG Beach View #2
CG Beach View #3
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

Nice CG with 120+ sites (a few tent only). Beautiful location on a long sand spit dividing the ocean from the bay.  Two sections, about 1/4 mile apart.  The one I'm in has 81 paved sites in 9 circles, more suitable for RVs.  The second has paved sites with more room for tents.  Pit toilets nearest me, but flush elsewhere.  Dump station for $7.  $35.  

Very scenic drive coming here on CA1 from Pt. Reyes Station.  Tomales Bay on one side and farming land on the other..



Remember the fallen   

San Benito County Fairgrounds (Bolado Park) for a bluegrass festival.  8 mi S of Hollister, CA on Hwy 25.  600  ft.

Festival Camping #1
Festival Camping #2
Music Stage
Surrounding Hills

Fun little bluegrass festival with local acts.  Met a local friend on Saturday there.  Was too lazy to do any jamming.  Lots of it going on into the wee hours, though.  Nice weather.



Pinnacles National Park CG.  29 mi S of Hollister, CA on curvy-at-times CA25, then 2 mi SW on CA146.  1000 ft.

Within CG
Really Big Tree
The Pinnacles
Same, Zoomed In
Nearby Countryside #1
Nearby Countryside #2

120 gravel sites (incl 37 w/elec) on level land.  Also 14 group sites. Several really big oak trees and other smaller trees and bushes.  Swimming pool.  Saw lots of quail, some rabbits and a deer in the CG.  Lots of hiking trails nearby (easy and hard).  Flush toilets & showers.  Free dump station.. $23 (no electric). Park entry fee also required

3rd time here.  Was a National Monument when last here in 2011.



San Simeon Creek CG in Hearst San Simeon State Park. 5 mi S of San Simeon, CA on CA1.   100 ft.

View From Backyard
Death Watch
Flat Area Sites #1
Flat Area Sites #2
Beach Walk View #1
Beach Walk View #2
Beach Walk View #3

Nice CG with 110+ paved sites, plus about 18 tent-only sites.  35 sites are on a hilltop (where I am), while the rest are in a flat area.  Flat area sites have many trees and lots of grass.  Pacific ocean view is a short walk from flat area sites, by going under CA1  Noise from hwy depends on site location.  All will have a least some.  Temporary porta-potties.  $25 (normally $35 if flush toilets and showers open).

Adjacent more primitive Wahburn CG has 60 sites at $20.



Islay Creek CG, Montana de Oro State Park.  5 mi SW of Los Osos, CA (via Los Osos Valley Rd and Pecho Valley Rd).  100 ft.

Quail For Dinner?
 [below from 2016]
Within CG
Local Waves #1
Local Waves #2
Local Waves #3 

Secluded CG in a beautiful State Park on the coast.  50 paved sites on level land in two sections in a canyon.  Feels more like a typical USFS CG, than a State Park one.  Loads of hiking available along with a beautiful beach cove. Spectaclular scenery.  You can even hear the waves crashing at your site when the surf is big! Vault toilets.  $25.

Fourth time here (since it's only 5 mi from home).



 Parkfield, CA ("The Earthquake Capitol of the World") for the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival.  NE of Paso Robles, CA in farming country.  About 15 mi off of CA41/46 or  25 mi off US101, via San Miguel.  1500 ft.  

My Backyard #1
My Backyard #2
Music Stage 
Other Campers #1
Other Campers #2
Other Campers #3

My 5th time at this great mid-sized bluegrass festival.  Try it, you'll like it.  Weather nice, except one day cloudy and cool.  Lots of good music by primarily regional and local acts.  Three of the bands were made up of young guys and gals between ages 15 and 25.  Wish I could pick that good!  :)

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