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  • My first CD, "On The Road To Hog Heaven" is now available.  Get info here.



Hog Time Music is the creative outlet of Ralph Goff.  I write most of the songs and record them in my home based studio, Hog Time Studio.

I play primarily acoustic guitar (1969 Martin D18, 1963 Gibson Southern Jumbo, Taylor 812C) and some mandolin (1984 Flatiron A5Jr and Collings MT).  I also sing most of the vocals.  I'm backed up on banjo on many songs by my long time musical partner and friend, John Jett.  John is also the artist of the Hog Time Music logo.

For a lot of my songs I use the incredible Band-in-a-Box program to generate backing rhythm tracks.  Originally this was mostly MIDI bass guitar and drums/percussion.

 However, now it's possible to have real instruments played by real musicians at my command!  A real blessing to a mediocre musician like me. :)

 The motto of Hog Time Music (and seed for its name) is "What's Time to a Hog?".  It was a favorite saying of my late, and much admired, father.  Basically, it means that an old farm hog doesn't have much on its schedule for the day, so it's usually available for doing most anything.  So, when you're stressed out over your hectic life, carve out a little "hog time" and relax.

Big Goof in Life: I didn't hang on to my late 50s Stratocaster I bought new for about $275.  Could be worth up to $50,000 now!  Oh well, I've made bigger ones (wait a minute .... maybe I haven't).

Music Styles:  Hog Time Music likes many types of music, but mostly "roots music".  I.e.,  acoustic rock, blues, folk, country and bluegrass.

Musical Influences: Ronnie Hawkins (a fellow "Arkie" whose backup band later became "The Band"), B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Reed.

Thanks for visiting the Hog Time Music website!  Feel free to contact the Head Hog with any questions or comments.


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